Alive In The Midnight



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"As soon as I'd written two lines of 'My Open Door' I KNEW I had to have Céleigh sing it", says Joel Martin of how Alive In The Midnight came to be. "She is country music. This song is about longing and need and her voice just bleeds emotion."

"I'd written this song and basically wanted to form a band around it. So Céleigh Chapman had to sing it and getting the dream rhythm section of Dave Johnstone on drums and Joel Gottschalk on bass was also a no-brainer. There is a special groove that happens with those two. All the other concepts fell into line perfectly and immediately - we recorded the basics in a few hours at New Monkey Studio, Elliott Smith's place, with Killah Cortez, who is a sound artist."

"It's important to get people that are as awesome to be around as they are talented and that was a fun time!"

"Later, we had the well known virtuoso Lili Haydn add some violin and the brilliant organist Steve Aguilar play B3. I played the steel and other odds & sods at home and BOOM = track done!"

"Hope everybody enjoys it!"

Mixed by Killah Cortez
Mastered by Brad Sarno at Blue Jade Audio Mastering






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